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Victorian Valleys

The rapidly growing industries of coal, iron and rail exploded into the valleys of Victorian Wales and instantly people’s lives were transformed… although not in a good way!

Victorian Valleys dives into the dark, dirty and dangerous stories of the South Wales valleys through the histories of ordinary people.

This interactive workshop uses object handling, costumes, original sources and role play to uncover the truths about the Victorians that Dickens never told you.

  • Discover the dark secrets at the bottom of nineteenth century coal mines.
  • Explore behind the closed doors of the Victorian working class home.
  • Experience school in Victorian Wales – and you’ll never complain about your school again!

Learning outcomes and curriculum links

(Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022):

  • Through enquiry and discovery, gain a deeper understanding of the concepts underpinning Humanities, and their application in local, national and global contexts.
  • Review the ways the events and experiences of the world are represented and interpreted, using this information to construct their own informed perspectives.
  • Develop an understanding of the complex, pluralistic and diverse nature of societies in Wales and the wider world.

What’s the plan for the workshop?

Victorian Valleys is a two hour session.

Time Activity
45 minutes Living and working in the industrial valleys
30 minutes Women’s work: even harder than the men’s!
45 minutes School and play; Victorian style

How much?

£200 per session. Discounts available on multiple bookings.

To book a workshop please contact:

Learning & Outreach Officer
Winding House, Cross Street, New Tredegar NP24 6EG
Tel: 01443 822 666
Email: quantf@caerphilly.gov.uk

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