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Online Learning

Created in accordance with the Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022, our online workshops give an insight into the unique history of South Wales. Designed to support in-school and distance learning, online workshops from the Winding House scratch beneath the surface of the stories of history, while having a lot of fun along the way!

Welcome to Bootcamp, AD 43

Sign up to be put through your paces as you find out what it took to be a soldier in the Roman army in Wales. From military drills to relaxing in the bath-house; explore the life of Roman soldiers, including all the gory details!

All Work and No Play

If you think your school is bad, try being a child in Victorian Wales! Whether it’s working hard down the mines, in the home or in school, you’ll discover things about Victorian childhood they don’t tell you in school...until now.

World War II’s Forgotten Heroes

There was nothing glorious about life as a Bevin Boy in the South Wales coalfield. It wasn’t just back-breaking work but the loneliness, ration pack lunches and the constant fear of enemy bombs made this job pretty horrible! Get ready for beastly bullying, repulsive rats and a LOT of filthy coal dust.

Booking Information

Each workshop is delivered by our Learning Officer (QTS). Sessions are available in the following formats:

50 minute workshop – £50

A hands-off workshop delivered online which prioritises interaction. Visual access to our handling collection, original sources and lots of movement will ensure that your group is engaged in the workshop and has lots of fun, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

75 minute workshop – £75

A hands-on workshop delivered online which includes the loan of our historical objects. A box of goodies specially selected for the workshop will be delivered to your place of learning 72 hours before the workshop and collected following completion. All objects will be appropriately sanitised and quarantined before and after use, to create an interactive learning experience, while prioritising safety.

To book a workshop please contact:

Learning & Outreach Officer
Winding House, Cross Street, New Tredegar NP24 6EG
Tel: 01443 822 666
Email: quantf@caerphilly.gov.uk

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