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Spooky Stories

The Victorian era is remembered as a period of modernisation. But 19th century Britain’s thirst for ghosts, ghouls and the macabre led to the explosion of an infamous literary genre: Victorian ghost stories.

Spooky Stories explores how the Victorian obsession with all things spooky emerged from a rapidly developing and modernising society.

Using abridged Victorian narratives, interactive props and your own imaginations, you’ll discover what’s needed for a frightfully good ghost story, before creating your own!

  • Discover why the Victorians loved scaring themselves with spooky tales.
  • Explore the essential toolkit for writing a truly terrifying ghost story.
  • Experience the Victorian tradition of telling ghost stories (if you’re brave enough)!

Learning outcomes and curriculum links

(Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022):


  • Listen carefully and make connections between what they are learning and what they already know.
  • Contribute to group discussion, sharing ideas and information.


  • Use a basic structure for writing.
  • Use language appropriate to writing.

What’s the plan for the workshop?

Spooky Stories is a two hour session.

Time Activity
25 minutes Why the Victorians loved a good ghost story: from Dickens to the Fox sisters
15 minutes What makes a story spooky?
15 minutes What is a good ghost?
30 minutes Create a story that delights and horrifies
15 minutes Sharing best bits (or should that be terrifying bits?)

How much?

£200 per session. Discounts available on multiple bookings.

To book a workshop please contact:

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Tel: 01443 822 666
Email: quantf@caerphilly.gov.uk

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