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Roman Around

AD 78: the Romans (finally) conquered Wales and began Romanising the defeated tribes. But as they were dealing with the fiercest and dirtiest fighters in Britain, this wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

Roman Around explores what life was really like for the Romans in Wales and the people they conquered: the bad, the cruel and the downright disgusting!

Get stuck in to object handling, original sources, role play and even clay modelling in this hands-on workshop and discover how the Romans changed Wales and what they left behind.

  • Discover what would have happened to you if you got sick in Roman Wales, but you’ll need a strong stomach!
  • Explore inside the Roman bath-house and try washing like a Roman.
  • Experience the lives of Roman soldiers when you go to boot camp in AD 43, if you think you’re tough enough!

Learning outcomes and curriculum links

(Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022):

  • Learners will develop an understanding of the complex, pluralistic and diverse nature of societies in Wales and the wider world.
  • Learners are invited to critically review the ways the events and experiences of that world are represented and interpreted.
  • By thinking critically about their discoveries, learners draw informed conclusions, but also understand that some conclusions are open to different interpretations.

What’s the plan for the workshop?

Roman Around is a two hour session.

Time Activity
40 minutes The Roman conquest (and why it took them so long)
20 minutes Live like a Roman; or, if you’re unlucky, like a slave
30 minutes The legacy of the Romans in Wales
30 minutes Life as a soldier: the bath house and boot camp

How much?

£200 per session. Discounts available on multiple bookings.

To book a workshop please contact:

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Email: quantf@caerphilly.gov.uk

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