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Life in Wartime

When war broke out in 1939, few realised the destruction the conflict would inflict on the people of Britain. They became caught up in their own warzone: the Home Front.

Life in Wartime uncovers the unique experience of total war in Wales: from the devastating and disturbing to the hopeful and helpful.

This workshop offers the chance to experience life on the Home Front through genuine WWII artefacts, along with replica objects, original sources and even a cookery lesson; rations only, of course!

  • Discover the realities of conscription in Wales: rats and all!
  • Explore the weird and wonderful (or not) results of rationing.
  • Experience the terror of air raids and the scars they left on Wales and its people.

Learning outcomes and curriculum links

(Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022):

  • Learners will understand that enquiry is a quest to understand the human condition and enables self-reflection, which contributes to their sense of place in the world.
  • Learners are encouraged to critically review the ways events and experiences are represented and interpreted, using information to construct their own informed perspectives.
  • Learners understand how various factors can influence their own and others’ perceptions and interpretations.

What’s the plan for the workshop?

Life in Wartime is a two hour session.

Time Activity
40 minutes Conscription to Wales: was it better to be a Bevin Boy?
20 minutes Women’s conscription and why it wouldn’t work with us
30 minutes Total war in Wales: the Swansea Blitz
30 minutes Cookery class; rations only

How much?

£200 per session. Discounts available on multiple bookings.

To book a workshop please contact:

Learning & Outreach Officer
Winding House, Cross Street, New Tredegar NP24 6EG
Tel: 01443 822 666
Email: quantf@caerphilly.gov.uk

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